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Ohio Advertising Display Signs

Here are some examples of the various Ohio Advertising Display Co. signs. They range from neon to back-lit to lighted clock signs. This company made a great mark in the sign business and should be noted for its contribution to advertising and innovative sign making.


This Display Identifies Your Establishment

The public buys where they know well-advertised brands are sold. This sign identifies a well-known and well-advertised product. Display this sign prominently in one of your display windows. It will bring more business to your establishment. Keep it illuminated at all times during business hours. Use it as a night light after closing hours to further identify your establishment. Consumes only 20 watts of current. Uses less than one cent of current daily.


A typical Ohio Advertising Display lighted clock advertising a dairy.  This clock is still running and located at the Drugstore and Pharmacy Museum at Soderlund Village Drug in Saint Peter, Minnesota.


A "prescriptions" neon sign made by the Ohio Advertising Display Company.

A typical clock face from and Ohio sign.  The clock was made by Telechron.  Notice the deco style of the second hand.  It looks like a prop from a WW II aircraft.

A back-lit lighted sign advertising "SealTest Ice Cream" and made by the Ohio Advertising Display Company.

This is an AC Delco clock/sign made by Ohio Advertising.  It is called the Fire Ball Streamline model.

This is the Ohio Advertising Display Company Logo that reads "This Display Produced by: The Ohio Advertising Display Company" "Cincinati Ohio".

The clock works from the back of the lighted clock signs made by the Ohio Advertising Display Company.  They bought the clock motors and clock faces from the Telechron Company.